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La Petite Mort Collection: Couture Dildos

Which dildo is best for G-Spot orgasms?

Akasha® is our couture dildo for the G-Spot. The strong curve makes it the perfect choice to reach the elusive G-Spot and the solid handle allows for sustained stimulation, either by oneself or by a partner.

Which dildo is best for cervical orgasms?

Anahata® and Seva® are our cervical dildos and they are ideally used as a pair. Anahata® is stage one: it has 8 inches of beauty to open and awaken the cervix. Once your cervix is warmed up, then Seva® is what we affectionately refer to as “The Finisher.” It is a girthy, gorgeous thing, giving the woman a feeling of fullness that pushes her over the edge. Most women will need some warming up before using Seva®. Hence, Anahata®

What is The Holy Trinity?

Kim designed all three dildos: Akasha®, Anahata® and Seva® to be used in tandem.

Stage 1: Akasha® to stimulate the G-Spot and get her waters flowing
Stage 2: Anahata® to open the heart and the cervix
Stage 3: Seva® to bring down the house, so to speak

Each dildo can generate vaginal orgasms for her. All three together make for the perfect lover with the most skilled, intuitive shapes to activate all of her internal anatomy and take her to transcendent ecstasy.

Why not crystals? I see lots of crystal dildos on the market these days.

There are several issues with crystal dildos:

1) Shape limitations. Since they are machine-made in an assembly-line mold, they are mostly just straight, with no curvature. We wanted the flexibility to use forms that would more naturally follow the shape of the vaginal canal: which has a slight curve to it.

2) Crystals not ideal for sexual healing. The crystals that dildos are typically made out of are not those which are of much benefit sexually. For example, rose quartz is a common material for crystal dildos. Though a lovely stone, it doesn’t address any specific sexual maladies.

After looking to see if we could create dildos from crystals better suited for sexual healing and acceleration, like crocoite, rhodochrosite and others, we found that none of the most suitable crystals were able to be carved into crystals. They were too delicate, not solid shapes, or were toxic in the body.

Our solution? To create crystal elixirs out of these stones, so they could be ingested orally. This is superior to simply having these crystals in your space—or your vagina. Oral ingestion of the crystal essence allows their geometric structure and true healing qualities to be assimilated into your energetic bodies, for permanent transformation.

3) DIY crystal dildos! You can make your own crystal dildos using our Anami Crystal Elixirs® and our dildos. If you take seven drops of the elixir and rub it onto your Anami glass dildo, the glass will take on the energy of that crystal for seven days. For example, if you take your garnet crystal elixir from the Bodacious® Trinity, and drop it onto your dildo, you will have a garnet dildo for seven days.

After the seven days, the dildo reverts back to its original glass form. At that point, you are welcome to anoint and transform your dildo into another crystal in the same fashion.

Why glass?

A few reasons:

1) Kim had very specific shapes in mind for these dildo in order to achieve G-Spot and cervical orgasms for women. Glass, being ultra-malleable, allowed us to create the exact forms we wanted to hit just the right angles.

2) We wanted to make art. Glass allows for vast variety and creativity in design and color.

3) Temperature play. Glass dildos can be heated up or cooled down for extra sensory pleasure.

Are your dildos body-safe? Do you use non-toxic materials?

You are right to be cautious. Most sex toys on the market are made from carcinogenic phthalates—a noxious plastic that goes right into one of the most absorptive areas of the body: the vagina.

Glass is fully body-safe. It is non-porous and cleans easily after use.

Can they break?

Each piece is solid glass, nearly 1kg in weight. Even vigorous internal use will NOT cause them to break. Just be careful not to drop them on the floor! 

Vaginal Kung Fu® Yoni Egg Kits + Salonette

Are the eggs made from real jade?

Yes. There are two types of authentic jade on the market: nephrite and jadeite. These are nephrite jade.

Why do you use jade as opposed to other egg crystals I’ve seen, like rose quartz?

Jade is the stone used in the original ancient Taoist practice. Jade was thought to be toning and balancing to the reproductive organs. It is also an excellent stone for dreaming and manifesting. As the “egg” and seed concept for creating your own reality with your sexual, orgasmic energy, this seems like a very symbiotic pairing!

Can the jade egg practice restore libido, lubrication, reverse incontinence and grant me wild and ecstatic vaginal orgasms?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Can’t I just do Kegels for pelvic floor strengthening?

Here’s the thing: The famed exercises that Dr. Alfred Kegel invented in 1947 mainly to assist women in healing urinary incontinence, involved using a device inside the vagina—called a Kegel Perinometer—for resistance and feedback.

Kegels were never meant to be flapping your vagina randomly in the wind.

An actual and correctly performed Kegel requires using a device inside the vagina. It’s like performing a bicep curl with a weight, vs. an “air” curl. One is going to build you muscle. The other is going to do nothing.

Do I need these instructions? Can’t I just buy an egg for $40- online?

Sure you can. Good luck trying to figure out how to use it. We get emails every single day from people who have done exactly that, asking us how to use their egg. And it just sits in their nightstand. Or, you have ignorant people telling you to “wear your egg” all day (useless) because they don’t know how to use it themselves. 

I run a comprehensive 10-week course in how to properly use the egg and harness its multi-dimensional benefits. The jade egg salonette sold here in the Anami shop is a mini version of this. 


Are jade eggs porous and able to harbour bacteria? Wasn’t there something in the press about this recently?

There was a furor about jade eggs last year, and there is plenty of article misinformation out there on the jade egg practice. We can see why this is confusing for people.

A criticism—somewhat justified—levelled at yoni eggs came mostly from the notion of wearing the eggs all day and sleeping with them in.

I don’t recommend you do either.

Jade eggs are hard, polished stones. They are cleansed before and after insertion and only used for 10-15 minutes at a time, in a conscious practice. They are totally safe to use, especially in this way. 

Anami Crystal Elixirs®

How do crystal elixirs work?

Many studies have been done, showing how water is able to carry an energetic signature. Some of the most well-known, are via the work of noted Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto. In his experiments, he showed how when people direct thoughts towards neutral containers of water, the nature of their thoughts changes the molecular structure of the water.

For example, happy and loving thoughts create beautiful, crystallized patterns when viewed under a microscope. Hatred and anger create mutated, disharmonious shapes.

Each type of crystal contains its own energetic signature and qualities. Like computers. they can also be programmed with specific traits.

Kim herself has made every single crystal elixir in our product range. Based on what she felt would best serve her clients, she programmed specific properties into the crystals. They are a combination of her own personal essence and signature as well as that inherent to each crystal. There is an old axiom that spiritual teachings are caught, not taught. Kim’s knowledge and wisdom in the sensual and spiritual realms is imparted through these remedies.

When you take the elixirs, this geometric pattern affects your etheric body. In vibrational medicine, we follow the tenet: as above, so below. All illness begins on higher levels, i.e. emotional, mental and etheric. The action of the elixirs works on these higher levels to create deep change. The result is that we act and think differently than before. We occupy our highest potential as humans.

How are they made?

All crystals have their own individual, geometric pattern of wisdom. This imprint is transferred into activated water using the “indirect” method of sun and full moonlight and the added essences and intentions of Kim Anami herself.

“Indirect” means that there has been no contact between the crystals themselves and the water. The transfer of information has been done energetically.

Thoughts are things. This mix of healing power and intention forms the energetic structure of your elixirs.

How do I know which crystal elixir is best for me?

Follow your intuition. Read through the descriptions, look at the images of the crystals and see what most draws you.

How can I accelerate the power of these elixirs?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with information on how to meditate with your Anami Crystal Elixir®. You will also receive a guided meditation to help open your consciousness to change. Working consciously and multi-dimensionally with your elixirs will help them to effect more powerful transformation.

What is the Deep Healer series?

We have one Deep Healer trinity for women, and one for men. If you have not done much personal work in the realm of intimacy and sexuality, these are the remedies to start with. And truthfully, most people would start here.

The suppression and oppression of sexuality in our global culture is so extreme these days, that no one really escapes without internalizing some—or plenty—of deep-seated misinformation and propaganda about sex, as well as outright assaults and injuries to their sexual selves. The Deep Healer remedies work to find, excavate and transform stuck energy and trauma such as sexual abuse violations and other deep wounds.

This rebuilding of a solid foundation is necessary before any advanced sexual work can be done. If someone has, say, sexual abuse in their history, it would be essential to begin with these remedies before going onto, say, the Bodacious Trinity.

Or, for expecting mothers, doing the Luscious: Deep Healer Trinity first would be essential before taking the Sexy Mama elixir, even though it is designed for conception, pregnancy and birth. Without having cleared these deeper traumas in the energetic field, the second remedy would be less effective.

How do the trinities work?

The trinities are created for their roles in synergy. Each crystal has a specific job to do to address the issues at hand. Three is a magical number, as in the Vedic deities: destruction of the old, creation of a new way and maintaining of the new structure. For complex issues, several different angles help to penetrate deeper into the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies.

What is the difference between your singles and trinities?

Single Anami Crystal Elixirs® are one bottle, comprising one crystal or several crystals which have grown symbiotically together.

Anami Crystal Elixir® Trinities involve three bottled essences. Some of the bottles may contain more than one crystal, if they have grown together. Each of the bottles is rotated over a three-day period.

How do you take them?

7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water. Twice a day—first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. 

How have you chosen the crystals you have used?

In terms of the type of crystal, Kim selected those that would facilitate some quality of sexual and emotional healing and rejuvenation. Some of the crystals address adjunct issues like motherhood and sexuality, and creativity and sexual energy. They all fall under the umbrella of the Anami philosophy of healing and growth.

How did you source your crystals?

We have selected only the highest-quality specimens in the making of our essences. Kim travelled far and wide around the globe to purchase only magnificent, collector-quality, spell-binding pieces. From a geologist’s mine in Tasmania for our crocoite and the legendary Sweet Home Pocket in Colorado for our rhodochrosite, we have used only the best, museum-quality crystals . That’s the energy you are getting in these elixirs.

Can I take several different Anami Crystal Elixirs® at once?

Take only one at a time. Each essence (single or trinity) is taken for 21 days, with a 7 day rest and integration period following. After 28 days from starting a remedy, you are then able to begin a new one.

However, it is likely that you will feel some kind of shift after having taken your elixir. It is best to ride this wave out and enjoy the changes you observe in your self and your life. Let them take root and ask internally when it is time to begin a new course of elixirs if you wish to.

Anami Sex Cleanses

How do these cleanses work?

The Anami philosophy believes that the most effective way to heal is by employing a multi-dimensional approach: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Sex Cleanses combine two or more Anami products to work on several levels to clear blocks and accelerate growth.

In addition to using two different healing modalities, you will also receive as part of your cleanse, 30 days of email assignments, delivered to your inbox daily. These will be a mixture of physical and sexual exercises, journaling and discussion questions and other activities to amplify the power of the cleanse.

Can I mix and match products?

Within the designated categories, yes. For example, with The Orgasm Cleanse®, you are free to choose any dildo from La Petite Mort Collection and any trinity from the Anami Crystal Elixirs®.

Sex Nectar Herbal Tinctures

Do the herbs you use have any scientific backing?

Yes! Plenty! We specifically chose herbs that were all backed up not only by centuries of traditional use, in various countries from India to China to the Americas, but also through modern clinical studies. We’re very proud of our blends, as they rival the efficacy of pharmaceutical equivalents. And frankly, are far superior in that they don’t have any negative side effects.

Please review our Scientific References page here.

How long do I need to take them for?

The idea dosing time is 6 weeks. We sell the tinctures in trinity boxes of 100ml x 3. That means you ideally would take two rounds and then see how you feel.

How strong are they?

We use a 2:1 ratio, which is virtually unheard of in North American tincture making. We were surprised to see that the typical ratio in North America is 4:1 or even 5:1. This makes for an extremely weak dose. You’d have to take fives times the amount to get the proper medicinal dosage.

Why tinctures vs. powder or capsules?

Tinctures are the most effective way to draw the medicinal properties out of plants. This method is far superior to simply grinding up herbs.

Why do you use alcohol in them?

Again, alcohol is the most effective medium to pull out the active constituents. We explored other options like glycerine and even apple cider vinegar, but the consensus amongst seasoned herbalists is that alcohol/ethanol is far superior to any other base. Plus, we learned that there is a lot of dirty production that goes on with glycerine, even is so-called organic facilities. So we stuck with alcohol.

I don’t drink alcohol. What can I do?

You can dilute the dose by placing it into a large glass of water. And, you can place it into warm to hot water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate out.

Are there any contraindications?

Always check with your primary care provider if you are currently on any kind of medication. We do suggest avoiding when pregnant or breastfeeding.