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Kim underwater in blue dress

Anami Alchemia

the hotbed for holistic sexual wellness

Meet Kim

I’m Kim Anami. I am here to infuse more passion into your life and bed. 

I am a holistic sex and relationship coach, vaginal weight lifter, and surfer. 

I have taught millions of people around the globe how to quantum leap their intimate lives—so they can experience life-changing sex and soul-searing love as a way of life. 

I created Anami Alchemia to offer a line of sexual wellness products that would be an extension of my own philosophy: natural, holistic, superior-quality and working from the inside out. 

By healing and opening on emotional, psychological, spiritual as well as physical and sexual levels, the power of the work I do is amplified. 

From decades of working with men and women, I know what blocks people and I know what opens them in their intimate lives. 

These products are here to accelerate and evolve you to the next level. 

Where sex and spirit come together.

Anami Alchemia Manifesto

  • Anami Anami is a Sanskrit word which symbolizes the highest plane of heaven, which is ever-evolving. There is always another level to go. Anami Alchemia products are tools for healing, self-realization and taking one to the next stage of growth.
  • Alchemia Alchemy is the idea that we can turn dross into gold. We can mine our hurts, our injuries and pain and transform them into powerful wisdom.
  • Sourcing the Natural World We bring to life the sacred healing powers of plants, crystals and of the body and mind to heal themselves—in the most gentle, uplifting and accelerated ways possible.
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing is most effective and permanent when approached from all angles: emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual. Our products work on all of these levels.
  • Holistic Our modalities seek to illuminate and remove the root cause of ailments. We do not use Band-Aids.
  • Highest Quality All of our products are sourced from the highest-quality ingredients and vibrations. From the biophotonic glass bottles we use for all of our packaging, to our organic and wildcrafted herbs, we ONLY use natural, chemical-free, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Conscious Creation We infuse Alchemia products with positive intention and high-vibration energy. Thoughts are things, and in these products, you have our highest.
  • Fair Trade and Ethical Production Our ingredients are traced back to original sources and are created in sustainable and generous means, for the earth and those inhabiting it.
  • Patrons of the Arts By commissioning original art and illustrations for packaging and promotion used in Anami Alchemia, we proudly support innovators in all realms of artistic expression. Everything we create ought to be a work of art.
  • Giving Back We support charity projects in line with our philosophy of clean living, and of keeping our planet and its organisms healthy. We love and regularly contribute to Bumi Sehat (Robin Lim’s “Healthy Child” endeavour in Bali) as well as a variety of positive environmental initiatives globally.