Anami Crystal Elixirs

Anami Crystal Elixirs

DIY healing 

Anami Crystal Elixirs

Gemstone Healing Remedies

These are vibrational remedies made from gemstones. Like flower essences, they are based on the idea that plants and crystals have emotional, psychological and physical healing properties that can be harnessed.


Our potent blends and single essences are specially formulated to address all things intimate: from liberating orgasms to removing cultural blocks that impede natural and pleasurable births, to helping men find their masculine strength in bed and in life.

Bodacious™ Bodacious™



Resurrect™ for Him Resurrect™ for Him

Resurrect™ for Him


Luscious™ for Her Luscious Elixir Trinity packaging

Luscious™ for Her

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Muse Muse


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Sexy Mama™ Sexy Mama™

Sexy Mama™


Heartbreak Healer™ Heartbreak Healer™

Heartbreak Healer™