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A keystone in the Anami way of life is: know thyself, touch thyself. Self—and partnered—massage of the breasts, yoni and overall body are highly encouraged as daily practices to connect and inhabit one’s sexual self. These are also beautifully intimate ways to honor and adore your partner. 

Our oils are formulated by herbalists to be healing and fortifying for the reproductive organs, and to be the most luxuriously unique and gorgeously scented products you have ever experienced.

Breast Bliss Breast Bliss

Breast Bliss


Anami Aphrodisia <br>Sensual Massage Oil Anami Aphrodisia <br>Sensual Massage Oil

Anami Aphrodisia
Sensual Massage Oil


Yoni Ambrosia Yoni Ambrosia

Yoni Ambrosia