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Herbal Tinctures

Our Sex Nectar® and Sex Juice® blends are bar none the most potent herbal tinctures on the market. Formulated by doctors specializing in herbal medicine, they are made using a special percolation technique that most effectively extracts the active and medicinal ingredients from the plants. We use a 2:1 alcohol to plant ratio, rather than the typical North American 5:1, which means that our mixtures are five times as strong, made with superior processing, and only using certified organic ingredients.


All of our herbs are scientifically backed for their impacts on sexual performance and mood. For example, saffron, which is found in our libido-boosting blends for men and women, is not only a powerful aphrodisiac, but it also rivals SSRI's in clinical trials for treating depression. Please find our scientific reference page here.

Salacious<span>®</span> for Her Salacious<span>®</span> for Her

Salacious® for Her

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Happy Endings<span>®</span> Happy Endings<span>®</span>

Happy Endings®


Hard Roots<span>®</span> for Him Hard Roots<span>®</span> for Him

Hard Roots® for Him